Youth Support Project ( 2021 )

The project aims to encourage and enable members of the local community to serve the local community by selecting 50 people from the Mafraq Governorate and involving them in voluntary activities in cooperation with municipalities, formal and informal institutions in the targeted areas, in addition to encouraging young people and members of the local community to convert ideas into successful projects by providing financial and technical support for project ideas and in cooperation with the various municipalities and institutions in partnership with “Bothorona Foundation for Training and Capacity Building”
In this project, the working group collects preliminary data about the general conditions and community leaders in those societies so that this information is used in the subsequent evaluation process to choose the communities that will be worked with through the United Nations Development Program. The gathered data include demographic and geographical information, the socio-economic reality and the reality of public services provided, community assets and the socio-economic needs of the population and public services, existing local leaders. Moreover, the project seeks to initiate communication with the population and informing community leaders and members about the project and its various activities.

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