Human Development Program, which includes: (TOT) / Leadership and Soft Skills / HR Management / Communication Skills

In view of the urgent need to develop the skills of job seekers, employees and managers in different institutions and raise the skills and level of trained individuals, we have been offering these courses in cooperation with the Blue Umbrella Company for Training and Community Development, initially performed by the attorney Muhammad Hussain Al-Tarawneh, who holds a certificate accredited by Arizona State University – McCain Institute for International Leadership in (TOT), in addition to a distinguished cadre of trainers from the Isnad International Center for Empowerment and Development who hold certificates in human development and (TOT) training. These courses aim to qualify job seekers as well as promote established employees to a higher position or to be able to keep their job as well as the need to develop the skills of the trainers themselves so that the trainer is able to professionally manage the training sessions and others and the ability to identify the psychological aspects and mental images of the trainees and how to correct them during the training session.
This training program focuses by 20% on the systematic scientific establishment of the trainer and by 80% on practical applications that aim to form and develop applied skills by focusing on the participant presenting a wide range of practical applications, subjecting them to tests and evaluations and receiving direct feedback from the training team.
The program also focuses on teaching participants the arts of building and designing the knowledge and skill units for training packages, defining the concepts, principles, process, method and exercise for each training unit, the design accompanying slide shows, and the incentive preparation mechanisms for participants in your courses, all within an applied practical framework in which each participant in the program is allowed to design and build their material, training and introducing it gradually, and eventually trainers are evaluated after getting an effective feedback that helps them improve their performance.
On the other hand, soft skills and leadership programs aim to prepare people to engage in the workforce, starting with building a powerful résumé, and then looking for the right job as well as improving a set of skills such as leadership skills, communication skills, concentration skills, solving problems skills and decision making skills …etc..

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